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SLIMDUCT - Lineset Ducting System -

update: 2013-11-21
SLIMDUCT - Lineset Ducting System -
Slimduct is the worldwide pioneer of lineset trunking for A/C systems.
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SLIMDUCT for Mini Split A/C


For Outdoor Use
The original SLIMDUCT SD PVC trunking system has always been the market leader in Quality, Design, Function and Versatility.


For Indoor Use
Stylishly designed, SLIMDUCT MD series will compliment any interior or exterior design scheme.

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SLIMDUCT for Commercial Use


Provides easy mounting and elevates lineset from wall surface with commercially available standard wall mounted pipe brackets.
Light and tough, easy installation.


For Multiple Systems Plumbing
Commercial & Multiple Lineset Ducting System.
Innovative Lineset Ducting System for VRF Installations.

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